used western saddles

used western saddles should definitely be under consideration. Are you already wrinkling your nose at the word “used”? Let’s clear up a common misconception from the start: Used just means previously owned. In our society of bigger, newer, and better, people perceive “used” to mean worn out and damaged. With saddles, however, that perception is far from the truth. A well-cared-for quality used western saddles maintain its beauty and durability for a lifetime, gaining character as it ages.

used western saddles are sold for a wide variety of reasons: Some horsemen don’t ride anymore; some saddles didn’t fit a particular horse or rider well; some riders upgrade their saddles or would like to change brands or types; some people just have too many saddles and decided to free up space. The market of previously owned used western saddles offers a wide variety of choice.

The price is right, too. Brand new quality western saddles cost a pretty penny and cheaper models may seem more affordable to the budget conscious; but what you save in cost, you lose in quality, fit, and durability. Cheap leather and synthetic saddles won’t last and won't be comfortable for you or your horse. There's no bargain there.

A shiny new inexpensive saddle can look pretty. Real pretty. On display in a fancy tack store and surrounded by the latest flashy accessories, that saddle can be tempting. You forget to examine the quality of the materials and construction and whether it's a good fit for your horse – and dazzled as you are, the saddle might feel just right when you try it in the store. But get it home and you'll quickly start to see the flaws – the poor materials and construction mean it won't stand up to much wear and won't provide the comfort your horse deserves.

Your dollar goes a lot farther with used western saddles. The advantage is yours - leather  used western saddles maintain their value and durability, but carry a significantly lower price. You can easily end up with an excellent brand-name used saddle for less money than you would have spent on an inexpensive, but low quality new saddle.

For the less experienced horsemen it can take some time to discover which types, styles, and sizes of saddles are a good match. Buying used can be a very cost effective approach to discovering your likes and dislikes for  used western saddles and finding the saddle that suits both you and your horse the best.

For the casual rider or one that doesn’t own a horse it can be difficult to justify spending a hefty amount of money on a quality saddle, but buying used western saddles means that you have your western tack at a guilt-free cost. It’s an excellent compromise and one that can both save your budget and leave you happy.